Out Of The Blue

A week into joining the dating site (Pick- a fake name, of course), I met a guy normally. Walking down Oxford Street in my own little world as per usual. And there he was, a Mediterranean carbon copy of Jason Statham mischievously smiles at me. Naturally, I smiled back. The conversation struck and then he asked me out for a drink! ‘When?’ I asked, with my heart racing with excitement and apprehension. Staring at me dead in the eye, he softly replied ‘now’. I’m not amazing with eye contact, not intense ones. But I’m still a minx and he was hot! Plus, it’s more fun than sitting at home.

So there we were in a bar, talking as we do. About work, what we studied etc. I could just feel my head exploding. Thinking of questions, date ones. I’m extremely sarcastic, so I had to be on my best behavior. From past experiences, not all guys take it well or it goes down a different route!

Sitting at the table pissing myself with fear, I did what I do best- sarcasm. I boldly demanded my ring and a key to his place. ‘Sure’ he said as he smiled. This broke the ice. I quickly pointed out that I’m not into games, nothing causal nor do I want to get married next year. Others would see this as a no no. But I’ve never been one to play by the rules. ‘I go with the flow’ he cried.

The conversation flowed. His body language seemed like he was on edge. Nervous, perhaps? Not sure any how many women would have a drink with someone they have known for 30 seconds! But to be fair, I did find out he was in his early 40’s. It was clear on my part it wouldn’t go much further.

As he dropped me off at the station, he pulled me in with his big manly arms of steel. ‘I could get used to this’ my head screams. He softly asked if I had a good time. ‘Yes’, I replied. What was I meant to say? ‘You seemed a bit standoffish. But yeah, ok’.
Then, before I knew it, he kisses me. I became weak, my head floating into an oasis. It reminded me of a date I had in the summer. ‘The’ date’s of all dates. Then I remembered the disappointment and slowly came back down to earth.

Walking in separate directions I smiled to myself. ‘I can do this!’ ‘You rock’ my merry go round mind screamed.Knowing it wouldn’t go anywhere, I quickly, became deflated.

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