The Dates of All Dates

So I’ve made a couple of references about this post. The dates of all dates. In late August I met this amazing guy.

I’m not the romantic type at all. But for what ever reason, Brian got weak. I remember our eyes locking for the first time. The smile on his face cheeky, yet loving.

So there we are in a hotel bar talking away. I did something I don’t normally do, even if I want to. I held his hand. It might be nothing major to others, but it is to me. I’m not fickle with my emotions/actions, so I might seem a bit reserved.  I felt extremely comfortable, with him like I’ve known him for years, but it’s been less than 24 hours. This can be dangerous, letting my guard down too soon. But I didn’t care. Life is about taking risks, and I am big risk taker.

Within 20 minutes he went in for a kiss. It was fantastic. Walking around Soho like love sick puppies, dancing, spinning me around, pulling me in for a kiss. It was something from a chick flick, something I would normally cringe over, but it felt so natural.

For once I wasn’t thinking, I just went with the flow. It felt amazing. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other (in a nonsexual way). Touching the back of my neck, the consent eye contact. His grey eyes, manly hands, tall. Very Scandinavian looking.

Walking back to the station, with our hands so tightly interlocked, I felt relaxed and at peace. Even writing about it now puts a smile on my face. Have I turned girly? I think I told him everything about me. I knew a lot about him. I didn’t want the night to end. But I refused to go back to his. He was ridiculously attractive, but I didn’t think about ripping his clothes off. I guess I’m becoming more mature. We talked about future dates, going swimming, movies (he’s a massive movie buff).

We texted a bit, it wasn’t the same. He seemed distant, which was strange as he was very full on, but in a good way. I wasn’t sure if it was the pressure for him to get another gig (he’s a cameraman). 5 days after our date I sent a message stating how great I found him, how I  would love to get to know you more etc. I got a reply back two days later, ‘hey princess I’m on a job, when drop you a line when I get back.’

I knew from that moment I would never meet him again. He was just a guy who sadly drank a bit too much, and required some attention.

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