The Guy That Loved Too Much

Well where to start with this one?

Paul, is a man who wears his heart on his sleeve. Literary!

He asked if he could hold my hand while out shopping. Asked to show his parents a picture of me. Asked if he could ‘plant one on me’ when at a bar. It’s an English term for a snog. Even said if I could play along, by saying ‘Paul, I find you so sexy’. Bearing in mind this was just within the first 48hours of swapping numbers. My head! I felt suffocated, the more he went on, the more I couldn’t breathe.

I told him to calm down a bit. He understood what I meant and apologised. But every second sentence he said “I’m playing it cool with ya”.

I was just thinking, ‘How do I end this, without being a bitch?’

Every time I tried to cut contact, he kept on saying ‘You will look back at that nice guy and say to yourself why did I let him go? I’m not talking about me by the way.’

I was good, I laughed it off in my head. I knew no matter how lonely I might be feeling, there is no way in hell I could date something that clingy and fundamentally found a pain. I couldn’t bare texting him. It would do my head in. But I can’t block someone like that. I just find it extremely disrespectful. I naturally like to please people I guess. Yes I could have used him, for gifts and attention. But I am not that sort of girl. Plus it sounds like hard work.

Paul went on to use that phase four times within a month. I called him out the last time. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. The constant eye rolling when communicating with him was started to give me repetitive strain injury. Firmly I informed him that I’m not stupid and he could not force me to like you, as I would cheat on you and wouldn’t feel bad.

Although true, he still didn’t get the picture.

After weeks of putting off seeing him, I thought I’d owe him coffee at least. Having only spent 45 minutes with him on his lunch break, he texted to confess his love for me. I’m clearly not interested. I told him it’s lust. According to him it’s love. He knows it’s love.  It didn’t matter how many times I told him it’s lust. He’s “in love with me”…. He would then proceed by sending me pictures of his house and son. Going on about how much money he earns, even though he doesn’t wear a suit and how good his life style is etc. Justifying why I should date him. He’s a decent guy, just not for me. Nothing wrong with that.

I fed him a lie that I met a guy in Copenhagen and that I’m spending Christmas with him. But I was in my bedroom, having returned from Copenhagen three hours before.

I know, I’m a bitch. It just seemed the least dramatic way of letting him down. Plus easiest for me. Me blocking him could lead to him getting another SIM card or a mate to try my number!

I lived off the attention. Something to keep my mind off other stuff in my life work wise and personally.  Sad but true. At least I cut it off before I really got in too deep.

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